Buba Jaiteh

Many years ago, Halahin lodge was used as a farm where Buba Jaiteh, the owner of Halahin Eco Lodge, and his forefathers harvested different types of trees, crops and vegetables for family consumption and commence. The piece of land (Halahin) was ever lucrative as it supported Plowing, seeding and harvesting for many decades and as a result of its proximity to the beach it was also a hub where the forefathers of Buba Jaiteh together with their family members would meet to enjoyed the breeze, sun and shadow of many trees that were there for centuries.

Sitting in the shadow of one of the beautiful trees a dream was born. Buba became older and had a vision to turn part of the Halahin land to a beautiful natural chill spot, something different from the usual lodges and hotel, somewhere that people would have a great taste of nature. He started building small houses on the land for people to stay and enjoy the beauty of this place in the Gambia, to enjoy the nature, the birds, the ocean, waving palm trees and the real Gambian way of life.
One baby step at a time Halahin began to unveil as one of the most attractive Eco-Lodges in The Gambia. It’s a magical place, at the ocean, in the middle of nature with many trees and birds around you. It’s not easy to explain the energy of this paradise in words. You have to experience it for yourself and you will know!


The lodge is named after the river Halahin, which is the border between the Gambia and Senegal, just behind the village Kartong. It’s a lovely walk along the road from the lodge to the Kartong village which is in the south of the Gambia.

A community where people help each other and take care of each other. They make sure that the village stays green by not cutting trees and leaving the nature environment as it is.

Another special thing about this village is that all the kids can go to school, their parents don’t have to pay for it, like in the rest of the Gambia.

Halahin Eco-lodge

Halahin is an eco-lodge, which is a choice. Most of its operations, structures and services are derived from nature which and be seen and noticed, for example the sun panels from which energy is derived from the sun to provide power, water from a well, houses that are placed around the trees and the use of local food. In the near future, we anticipate to use fruits and vegetables from Halahin Farm which Bouba started in the village Medina Salaam, close to the lodge, this is in continuance of his forefathers’ business to produce fresh fruits and vegetables for the lodge as well as creates employment opportunities for the natives of Kartong and contribute to socio economic development of the country. If you like you can ask for a tour on this beautiful big farm.

The team that is working in the lodge are made up of natives from Kartong and the nearby villages. Bouba’s goal is to provide as much work as possible for young people and women from the community. At the moment 13 people are helping to give you a great time at Halahin lodge.

Over the years Halahin Lodge has endeavored to developed the place to give an international (European, Asian and African) standard of living. As a result of the standards in our service delivery and beautiful nature of Halahin Lodge most of guests would fall in love with Halahin Lodge at first sight and would come back every year. Together with all these loyal guests we keep on building together on this durable ecological place, where employees get a good income from to have a proper way of living in the Gambia.

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